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In the news today, they say obesity is an epidemic. If this is true for you and you want to lose weight, there is help. And it’s FREE.

You’re probably here because you’ve seen me on TV networks like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and others (you can view many of my interviews at www.colinontv.com), or maybe heard me on the radio or read about me on the internet, newspaper that kind of thing. Or you’ve seen one of my hypnosis shows or heard me speaking at some other function.

Whatever it is, I’m glad you’re here. Now if you haven’t heard or seen me before, you can find out more about me in the “About Colin” tab above or to the right under the “Resources” section.

Enough about me. You’re here to lose weight.

I’m here to help you lose it… using Hypnosis.

When it comes to weight, lighter people think differently than heavier people. Because they think differently, lighter people don’t have the mental barriers that heavier people do.

Using this FREE hypnosis program, you’re going to put your mind and body into a relaxed state. Then you’re going to train your subconscious mind to think like lighter people do. That way you can break through the mental barriers that are keeping you heavy!

You might ask: “Does it really work?”

Yes, it does. Here are some examples:

From the Journal of Clinical Psychology, a 9 week study showed that people using hypnosis continued to get results over a 2 year follow-up where people not using hypnosis showed no more results. Another study in the same journal showed that women using hypnosis lost 17 pounds on average while the non-hypnosis group lost only half a pound on average.

From the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology an analysis of multiple studies showed that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97%, and increased the effectiveness of weight loss post hypnosis by over 146%. This shows hypnosis works better the more you do it.

Try it. It’s free. It’s relaxing.

You have nothing to lose but weight.

Why am I giving this away for free? What’s the catch? The catch is, if you like my free hypnosis weight loss program, then you may buy my book (click here to download 5 chapters free) or another one of my hypnosis products (click here to visit my hypnosis health store), hire me for a speaking engagement or hypnosis show, and refer me to your friends (maybe even the ones you like). From time to time I will also e-mail you some information about hypnosis, weight loss, or any other special offers I may have for you. Your privacy is important and you can unsubscribe any time you want.

Go ahead. Start thinking thin and lose some weight!

Please share with your friends that want to lose weight!

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